Frequently Asked Questions for Kiwanis Leaders

Q. What is the cost of International dues?

A. Kiwanis International dues are $52.00 annually.  In addition, there is an annual magazine subscription fee of $8.00, payable annually.  Liability insurance is currently $13.00, annually.  Lastly, $4 for Directors and Officers Insurances (D&O).  Kiwanis International now provides D&O insurance to clubs automatically.  During the 2015 International Convention the delegates approved a $10 increase to International dues; Kiwanis International dues was $42 per member.   Dues and subscription fees must come from the clubs administrative account.  The $13.00 liability insurance premium may be paid from the club’s service account.  No portion of the insurance premium has to come from the administrative fund, although clubs may elect to pay the premium from administrative funds if they desire to.  All of the fees referred to above are per member.

International dues are waived for two (2) years for former members of Kiwanis International Service Leadership Programs (CKI, Key Club, Builders Club, K-Kids, Aktion Club.) Those members must pay the liability insurance and the magazine subscription fee.

New member enrollment fee for Kiwanis International is no longer being waived for former members of SLP programs.  The new member enrollment fee is being waived at the district level for such members ($25).  For example, when adding a former SLP member (CKI, Key Club, Builders Club, K-Kids, Aktion Club), the club has to send only $50 to Kiwanis International to cover the International new member enrollment fee. 

Club Membership Update / Roster

Club secretaries must go online to update the club membership information.  Clubs need to update the membership by September 30, midnight (EST), for new member adds to be counted in the current administrative year, and no later than October 10 for deleted members to be removed from the current administrative year dues billing. Deletes made on or by October 10 (midnight-eastern standard time) will be counted in the current administrative year..

Q. What is the cost of District dues and the annual convention assessment?

A. Florida District dues are $30.00 per member annually to Kiwanis International.

The Florida District also has a club convention assessment.  This $60.00 club assessment is payable annually to Kiwanis International.  Once paid, the club’s designated delegates (up to 3) receive a $20.00 per delegate credit on their convention registration fees. 

District dues and the club convention assessment are paid to Kiwanis International. 

District dues are waived, for up to two years (from the date of joining the club), for members who have previously been members of a Kiwanis International Service Leadership Program (Key Club, CKI, K-Kids and Builders Club.)

Members may elect to be a District life member by completing the District life member application located under resources from the District website.  Once approved and processed, the $30 District dues is waived indefinitely.  The cost for District life member is 15 * $30 (Membership Dues), $450.

Q. What is the cost of the New Member Enrollment Fee?

A. There is no longer a graduated fee schedule.  Regardless of when a member joins Kiwanis, the club pays a flat $75:

$50 (Kiwanis International) + $25 (Florida District) = $75 new member enrollment fee.

The Kiwanis International Board agrees, effective October 1, 2013, to discontinue the practice of waiving the new member enrollment fee for former sponsored youth members. 

The Florida District is continuing to waive the new member enrollment fee for former Service Leadership Program (Key Club, CKI, K-Kids, Builders Club, and Aktion Club) members.  Therefore, when adding a former SLP member, the club has to send only $50 to cover the International new member enrollment fee.

Q. What happens when a member transfers from one club to another?

A.  The club from which the member is transferring is charged with the loss of 1 member.  The club to which the member transfers does not get credit for the member.  Justification:  Because the member is not new to Kiwanis, he/she is already in the system and he/she is merely transferring locations/clubs, therefore there is no net membership growth gain for Kiwanis and the club will not gain growth credit for a new member on their distinguished points.  The clubs membership total will be increased to reflect the member, but no points will be awarded for that member.

Q.  What is the suggested level of giving for the Florida Kiwanis Foundation?

A.  $8.00 per member is the minimum recommended level of giving in the Florida Kiwanis Foundation’s Annual Club Gift Campaign.  Payment by December 31st is encouraged.  Funds can be taken from the club’s service account.

The Florida Kiwanis Foundation’s Sustaining Member Program recognizes individuals making annual contributions of $25.00 or more, per year.  Special awards are presented to 100% Sustaining Member clubs which are displayed on the club’s bell. 

The Florida Kiwanis Foundation also offers the Ralph Davis Fellowship to individuals fulfilling a one-time gift of $1,000.00 or more. Donors receive an attractive framed award and neck ribbon and pin.

The Robert W. Thal Life Member Fellowship recognizes $500.00 donors.  Donors receive a donor plaque and a pin.

The Florida Kiwanis Foundation’s Legacy Society is an ideal program for estate planning and/or major gifts.  Contact your Foundation Trustee to discuss your interest in participating in any of the Florida Kiwanis Foundation Programs. An attractive Legacy Society plaque and pin are presented.

Q.  What is the suggested level of giving for the Kiwanis International Foundation?

A.  The Kiwanis International Foundation requests a minimum per member contribution of $6.00 to the Annual Club Gift Campaign.  Clubs with fewer than 20 members are asked to make a minimum club contribution of $100.00 to help continue the good works of the Foundation.

The George F. Hixson Fellowship is available to individuals making a one-time gift of $1,000.00 or more.  This can be presented by a club or individual or can be directly purchased by the recipient.  Diamond Level Hixson and the Hixson Ambassador program recognize higher level donors.

The Tablet of Honor is a recognition program available to clubs or individuals who wish to specially honor a recipient.  The cost of a Tablet of Honor is $2,000.00.  An individual cannot purchase a Tablet of Honor for himself/herself. 

The Kiwanis International Foundation’s Heritage Society enables individuals to remember the International Foundation through estate planning or planned giving.

Q.  Must clubs file an IRS Form 990 and when is it due?

A.  All Kiwanis Clubs must file a Form 990 regardless of their income level.  This requirement affects all clubs.  The tax return for all clubs must be filed by February 15.  For forms and information go to  Consult your CPA for filing responsibilities and the proper filing documents. Depending on club income/assets, clubs and club foundations will either file a Form 990-N (e-postcard) no greater than $50,000.00 in gross receipts; 990-EZ, gross receipts less than $200,000.00 and total assets less than $500,000.00; or 990, gross receipts equal to or greater than $200,000.00 and total assets equal to or greater than $500,000.00.

Clubs with a 501(c)3 Charitable Foundation must file a separate tax return for the Foundation in addition to the Club’s 501(c)4 tax return.

Q.  Must clubs be incorporated?

A.  Yes, it is a requirement of Kiwanis International.  Incorporation helps insulate

members from personal liability and complies with the IRS determination letter qualifying incorporated clubs as 501(C) (4) non-profit organizations.  Incorporation is handled through the Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations.  Annual filings are due by May 1.  The annual filing fee for renewals is $61.25.  To verify the status of your club’s incorporation please visit  Click on Division of Corporations and follow the instructions. If your club is not incorporated, consult with an attorney before discussing incorporation with the state.  Fines and penalties are often assessed back to the date of the club’s formation for never incorporating or back to the period when the filing became inactive.

Q.  What is Florida’s Solicitation of Contributions Act and must our clubs register?

A.  Chapter 496 of the Florida Statutes, requires all organizations that solicit contributions from Florida residents, either directly or indirectly, to register annually with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.  Florida Kiwanis clubs fall under this Statute.  If you need assistance in filing, contact the Solicitation of Contributions Section in the Department of Agriculture at 1-800-HELP FLA (435-7352).  Clubs are encouraged to seek professional advice from a qualified accountant or attorney, prior to contacting the Department of Agriculture.  The website is:

Once you register with the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services it is very important to renew the registration annually.  There are penalties for late registrations and substantial fines for non-compliance in registering.  Clubs that use the IRS 990-N (e-postcard) must file the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services financial statement when applying or renewing their registrations.  The Department does not accept the IRS 990-N form. If a club files an IRS 990-EZ or a 990, it may simply be attached to the renewal or application.

Q.  What Kiwanis events are our Kiwanis clubs expected to attend?  Should clubs subsidize the cost of attending these events?

A.  Article XV, Section 6 of the Standard Form for Club Bylaws states, “clubs shall provide for proper representation in all International and District meetings in which a club has the privilege of participation.”  This section also directs “provisions for expenses for club representatives shall be made in the club’s administrative budget.”  The amount of subsidy is left to the club’s Board of Directors to establish.  However, it should reasonably address the related expenses, proportionate to the club’s ability within its budget.  These costs should be considered when developing the club’s administrative budget and the club’s dues structure for its members should reflect coverage of these costs.

The following District and International Events are planned for the 2015-16 administrative year, and beyond.  Known registration fees are listed.  Registration fees do not include travel and/or housing expenses.  

Our all-inclusive reduced fare package is $(TBD) per person. Less expensive convention packets will be offered, but they do not offer the tremendous value. The three certified delegates attending this convention receive a $20.00 delegate credit, provided the club has paid the annual convention assessment.  The basic Kiwanis registration package is $(TBD) plus the cost of any meals selected.

August 15-18, 2019
Omni Orlando Resort at 
Orlando – $129 per night

August 13-16, 2020
Buena Vista Palace Hotel & Spa
Lake Buena Vista – $129 per night

Kiwanis International Convention –

June 27 – June 30, 2019 
Walt Disney World, Florida, US                               

June 18 – June 21, 2020 
Indianapolis, Indiana, US

June 24 – June 27, 2021 
Salt Lake City, Utah, US

Club Leadership Education –  Club Presidents-elect and Incoming Club Secretaries are expected to attend a full day training session in their area. The cost of the training is minimal and generally includes a luncheon, breaks and educational materials.  2017-18 training will be offered June 3, 2017 for odd numbered divisions and June 10, 2017 for even numbered divisions.  There may be scheduling exceptions so check with your Lt. Governor for your division dates and locations.

Division Council Meetings –  Club leaders are expected to attend regular meetings of the Division Council (DCM).  Though frequency varies by division, these meetings are intended to unite the division in cooperative efforts to improve the quality of life in the community and to provide a means to establish close working relationships among clubs.  CKI, Key Club and Foundation District Officers and Trustees are encouraged to participate in these meetings.

Q.  Clubs must file Official Monthly Reports electronically. 

A.  All clubs are required to file their Official Monthly Reports electronically at  Club Secretaries without access to the web are asked to appoint an assistant to help in filing the reports.  For assistance in filing, or to walk through your first online report with our webmaster, call Jose Josinvil at 407-324-9800 ext. 1.  Jose is generally available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. 

Q.  Where do we turn for help, general information or Bylaw interpretations when questions arise in our club or division?

A.  Your first call should be to your District Office.  The Florida District of Kiwanis has a fully staffed professional office in Sanford at your disposal Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.  Please contact us at 407-324-9800. 

   Melanie Winternheimer
   Executive Director/District Treasurer
   Phone: (407) 324-9800 ext. 3

   Andrea Perez
Assistant Exec. Director of Information & Technology 
   Phone: (407) 324-9800 ext. 2

The combined talents and expertise of our District Office Staff makes them uniquely qualified to address most of your questions and concerns.  On rare occasions where they may not have an answer, they will point you in the proper direction for assistance or they will further research your questions and get back to you.

The Kiwanis International Office in Indianapolis, Indiana is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 4:45 p.m.  To contact the International Office call the Member Services Department at 1-800-Kiwanis, extension 411. 

Q. How much are K-Kids Dues and the Annual Sponsorship Fee?

The charter fee for sponsoring a new K-Kids club is $150.00.  There is no dues structure for K-Kids, although many local clubs charge $1.00 or $2.00 per member to help establish a club treasury.  The annual sponsorship fee for the sponsoring Kiwanis club is $150.00 per K-Kids club to a maximum sponsorship fee of $450.00.  There is no additional sponsorship fee for more than 3 K-Kids clubs during the 2012-2013 administrative year. 

Starting October 1, 2013 there will no longer be a maximum sponsorship fee of $450.  Clubs will pay $150 for each K-Kids sponsored. 

Q. How much are Builders Club Dues and the Charter Fee?

A. Clubs have four options for chartering a new Builders Club: Option 1.  The charter fee for sponsoring a new Builders Club that wishes to receive a gong, gavel, banner and all membership materials is $460.00.  Option 2.  The club receives gong, gavel, and membership materials, but no banner – $350.00.  Option 3. The club receives a banner and an honors banner and membership materials, but no gong and gavel – $350.00.  Option 4. The club receives only membership materials and no gong, gavel or banners – $200.00.  

There is a $150.00 annual sponsorship fee, per Builders Club.  A Kiwanis club will be responsible for a maximum of $750.00. Many Builders Clubs charge a small amount additional per member, $1.00 – $3.00, to establish a club treasury.

Starting October 1, 2013 there will no longer be a maximum sponsorship fee of $750.  Clubs will pay $150 for each Builders Club sponsored. 

Q. How much are Key Club Dues and the Charter Fee?

A. The charter fee for sponsoring a new Key Club is $600.00 (1st option).  There is no annual sponsorship fee.  International dues are $6.50 per member.  District dues are $4.50 per member.  Many clubs charge a small additional amount per member to establish a club treasury.           

Upon completion of the petition and membership information forms and Standard Form for Club Bylaws, attach newclub fee payment check or money order. Check the appropriate box and send the corresponding payment.

– Option one: US$600 (charter kit includes gavel/gong, charter banner, pins, membership cards and additional resources)

– Option two: US$500 (charter kit includes charter banner, pins, membership cards and additional resources)

– Option three: US$500 (charter kit includes gavel/gong, pins, membership cards and additional resources)

– Option four: US$400 (charter kits includes pins, membership cards and additional resources)

Q. How much are Circle K Dues and the Charter Fee?

A. The charter fee for sponsoring a new Circle K Club is $600.00.  There is no annual sponsorship fee.  Annual International club fees for 4 year colleges with enrollment of 1,000 or more students is $600.00.  Annual International club fees for 4 year colleges with enrollment of 500 or fewer students is $450.00.  Annual International club fees for 2 year institutions is $450.00, regardless of school size.    

There is no International dues per member; however,  District dues are $10.00 per member.  Many clubs charge a small additional amount per member to establish a club treasury. 

Q. How much are Aktion Club Dues and the Charter Fee?

A.  The charter fee for sponsoring a new Aktion Club is $460.00. 

Note:  Charter fee options, similar to Builders Club, are planned for the coming year. This fee can be taken out of the Kiwanis club’s service budget.

There is no annual sponsorship fee.  International dues are $5.00 per member.  The international dues can also be taken out of the Club’s service account. There are no District dues, although a reasonable registration fee is charged to attend the Annual Aktion Club Conference.  The conference normally coincides with the Kiwanis District Convention.   Many clubs charge a small additional amount per member to establish a club treasury.

Although the sponsoring Kiwanis club ultimately is responsible for the above fees, encouraging individual Aktion Club members to contribute to their dues or club will increase their commitment. The Kiwanis club could partner with the  members to raise funds to cover the costs.