2022-2023 District Board

2022-23 Kiwanis Board of Trustees


Sharon Moody
   Home Phone: (813) 453-7134)
   Kiwanis Club of Plant City


Prairy Riehl
   Home Phone: (407) 620-4887 
   Kiwanis Club of East Orange County


Jeremy Riehl
   Home Phone: (407) 275-0747 
   Kiwanis Club of East Orange County

Executive Director/District Treasurer

Melanie Winternheimer
   Work Phone: (407) 324-9800
    Kiwanis Club of Sanford-Lake Mary

Immediate Past Governor

Harvey A. White
   Cell Phone: (561) 262-4093 / Home Phone: (561) 228-8652
   Kiwanis Club of Jupiter-Tequesta

Division 01 Lt. Governor 

Terrence Brotherton
   Home Phone: (850) 281-7170
   Kiwanis Club of Big Lagoon-Pensacola

Division 02 Lt. Governor

Brian Hinton
   Cell Phone: (850) 527-6393
   Kiwanis Club of Panama City

Division 03 Lt. Governor

Kim Mills
   Cell Phone: (850) 591-3170
   Kiwanis Club of Tallahassee-Killearn

Division 04 Lt. Governor

Patricia Hatch
   Cell Phone: (904) 806-2857
   Kiwanis Club of The Lake Region Keystone Heights-Melrose 

Division 05 Lt. Governor

   Phone: (000)

Division 06 Lt. Governor 

Marlene Hatch
    Phone: (317) 514-4119
   Kiwanis Club of Ocala

Division 07 Lt. Governor

Dillon Kalkhurst
   Phone: (407) 869-7760
   Kiwanis Club of Ormond Beach

Division 08 Lt. Governor

Steve Wilson
  Phone: (352) 442-2259
   Kiwanis Club of The Adventure Coast 

Division 09 Lt. Governor

Christine Vogl
   Phone: (352) 383-9431
   Kiwanis Club of The Golden Triangle

Division 10 Lt. Governor

Timothy Wolfinger
   Phone: (941) 2661554
   Kiwanis Club of East Orange County

Division 11 Lt. Governor

Ted Hartselle
   Phone: (321) 794-8580
   Kiwanis Club of Rockledge-Viera

Division 12 Lt. Governor

Stephen Bennett
   Phone: (727) 415-2434
   Kiwanis Club of Top of Dunedin 

Division 13 Lt. Governor

Thomas Hession
   Cell Phone: (727) 504-5053
   Kiwanis Club of Pinellas Park

Division 14 Lt. Governor

Shawn Robinson
   Phone: (813) 523-3594
   Kiwanis Club of Tampa / Greater Ybor City

Division 15 Lt. Governor

Brian Dockery
   Phone: (863) 255-3283
   Kiwanis Club of Lakeland

Division 16 Lt. Governor

Al Sammartino
    Phone: (772) 231-7712
    Kiwanis Club of Vero-Treasure Coast

Division 17 Lt. Governor

Krystal Laudicina
   Phone: (941) 720-5798
   Kiwanis Club of Bradenton

Division 18 Lt. Governor

Diana Uebelacker
   Phone: (941) 628-2025  
   Kiwanis Club of Port Charlotte Sunrise

Division 19 Lt. Governor

Dinesh Sharma
   Home Phone: (239) 770-7427
   Kiwanis Club of Fort Myers

Division 20 Lt. Governor

Kris Boodram
   Phone: (561) 253-4845
   Kiwanis Club of Northside West Palm Beach

Division 21 Lt. Governor

Tom Thayer
  Phone: (561) 870-3430
   Kiwanis Club of Boca Raton

Division 22 Lt. Governor

Jackie Fritsch
   Phone: 239-450-6527

Kiwanis Club of Naples-On-The-Gulf

Division 23 Lt. Governor

Opal Spence
   Phone: (954) 854-1078
   Kiwanis Club of Lauderdale Lakes

Division 24 Lt. Governor 

Rae Levenson
   Home Phone: (954) 298-5335
   Kiwanis Club of Cooper City

Division 25 Lt. Governor


Division 26 Lt. Governor

   Winsome Radcliffe
   Cell Phone: (345) 526-8119  
   Kiwanis Club of Grand Cayman

Division 27 Lt. Governor

   Cell Phone:

Florida Kiwanis Foundation

Florida Kiwanis Foundation President

Tommy Mills
   Home Phone: (850) 893-7866
   Kiwanis Club Tallahassee-Killearn / Bradfordville, Tallahassee

Florida Kiwanis Foundation President-Elect 

Arlene Lewis-Marr
   Work Phone: (404) 372-5632
   Kiwanis Club Sawgrass Sunrise

Florida Kiwanis Foundation Vice President

James Wylie
   Home Phone: (850) 893-4863
   Kiwanis Club Capital City, Tallahassee